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如地藏经第十品所说的,能发心修造佛菩萨的庙宇殿堂是很殊胜的功德,也是佛弟子累积功德种下善业种子的难得稀有机会。报恩寺常年累月需要庞大的维修开支以便维持寺院的环境和设施,因此希望有缘之信士, 同修们发菩提心, 结善缘捐助佛堂维修费。 愿地藏王菩萨的愿能永续千万年, 诸位功德无量,
佛法永住, 法轮常转。


From the Sutra of the Past Vows of Earth Store Bodhisattva CHAPTER 10 The Conditions and Comparative Merits and Virtues of Giving :  “Moreover, Earth Store, in the future, good men or good women may plant good roots in the Buddhadharma by giving, making offerings, repairing stupas or monasteries, rebinding sutras, or doing other good deeds amounting to no more than a strand of hair, a mote of dust, a grain of sand, or a drop of water. Merely by transferring the merit from such deeds to the Dharma Realm, those people’s meritorious virtues will enable them to enjoy superior and wonderful bliss for hundreds of thousands of lives.



As is mentioned in the Sutra of the Past Vows of Earth Store Bodhisattva chapter 10, by giving or make offerings to the building or repairing of stupas or monasteries helps in accumulating one’s virtues merits. Our temple requires funding to keep the running and operations of the building and maintenance. Your kind and generous contribution of any amount, no matter how small, is most appreciated in helping us fulfilled our mission and keeping the Dharma remains forever and the Wheel of Dharma turns forever.




If you are interested in contributing, you can contribute via the following methods:




Internet banking account transfer


银行 (Bank):OCBC

户口名 (Account Name):Poh Ern Shih

户口号码 (Account Number):501-026900-001


请在电子转账后,把电子转账生成的交易号码(Transaction Number)发至Whatsapp号码96392440,以方便我们核对并把收据发回给您。


After you have completed your bank transaction, please provide the transaction number and Whatsapp to 96392440, so that we can reconcile and send the receipt back to you.



Cheque payment





9 Chwee Chian Road Singapore 117488


Please send your crossed cheque to:


Poh Ern Shih Donation for Temple Maintenance

9 Chwee Chian Road Singapore 117488



Come to our temple to make the contribution.